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Highly Recommend

"I was struggling with some legal decisions and I am glad I came across Navigate Legal services, thanks to Mr. Lavelle I have some relief legally speaking and I highly recommend his services to help you navigate through your needs!!!"

Jeaneth M.

Smoother and Easier

"Joseph was excellent in his service. He made sure that we knew our options and treated us both fairly. It was a trying time for us, but he made the process smoother and easier. We are very glad to have met and worked with him while we are at this time in our lives. Thanks."

Lorenzo S.

Very Knowledgeable

"I was very fortunate to have Joe help me navigate through the whole divorce process. He is a great resource and very knowledgeable, he explained every step and always kept me updated on my case. He made the entire process easy and painless. I would highly recommend him."

Aleesha R.

Excellent Job

"You did an Excelente job."

Horencio I.

I'm Very Grateful

"Joseph Lavelle Gracias/Thanks
He helped me through this process without stress and was still very considerate.
I'm very grateful
I'm very grateful to Joseph
He is excellent"

Gloria L.

Very Efficient

"Very pleased with the professionalism, good work and good attention of the lawyer Joseph Lavelle. I find his work excellent and very efficient since he exercises a very good command of his profession. Very grateful for your services, it was a pleasure to have worked with you. Thank you so much"

Daily P.

100% Recommend

excellent experience, the way of communication from the first time I contacted Josehp I felt trust and his attention is great regarding documents is incredible, my case was about modification and calculation of child support, since I had presented myself alone without help as a lawyer and the judge had already signed the order that had no benefit in my favor, since in court they made errors in documents, so I could never believe that there were errors on the part of the judge that would affect my situation and the lawyer with his patience and experience examined the documents and in a matter of hours the analysis of my case by the lawyer resulted in 6 errors in the calculation eh information I already had an appeal pending in my case and the lawyer gave me a series of advice I took note and the I applied in my trial and indeed they listened to me and took my expression into account, I feel happy because if it had not been for the lawyer I would have been fried and the worst thing is that the errors on the part of the judge and the court would affect me financially, and thanks to Josehp, my hearing was a happy ending, I 100% recommend his work as a lawyer, and without a doubt I would hire him again in the future.

Chencho J.

Affordable and Professional

"I’m so very fortunate that Joe keeps up with his clientele and kept checking in on me.
I’ve been blocked in a corner and I kept trusting my ex that I waited till the very last week to get my paperwork in .
Thank God Joe checked in on me, he got all my work done and I was impressed .
I have gained some confidence and hope to complete this journey A big Thank you to Joe .I highly recommend Joesph For your legal services , very affordable and professional."

Michelle L.

Absolutely Amazing

"Joe has been absolutely amazing. He has taken the time to hear my concerns, checks in with me to see how things are going, and offered a great amount of legal advice to me that has substantially changed how I would have gone about things on my own. His point of view has been priceless. He has helped me greatly and is extremely supportive and professional. I can see that he cares a lot and does his research. I would recommend him to anyone!"

Cara C.

Pay as You Go Option is Awesome

"I dealt with Joseph he was on top of everything instantly. The pay as you go option is awesome compared to coming up with thousands of dollars up front! I would highly recommend these guys!"

Randy N.

Helped Me Get Custody

"It seems like a good service to me thanks to the lawyer Joseph, he helped me get what I was looking for, which was the custody of my children."

Amado G.

Excellent Lawyers

"Excellent lawyers, super research"

Roxibhel G.

Payments are Reasonable

"I recommend the lawyer Joseph Lavelle, the lawyer answers all your questions. And their payments are reasonable."

Porfiria Z.

Took a Short Time

The service was very excellent, the process took a short time and the lawyer was very interested in the case and is a fantastic lawyer.

Claudia F.

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